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      Hydrogen Telluride
      Tellurium Tetrafluoride
      Tellurium Hexafluoride
      Tellurium Oxyfluorides
      Tellurium Dichloride
      Tellurium Tetrachloride
      Tellurium Perchlorate
      Tellurium Dibromide
      Tellurium Tetrabromide
      Tellurium Oxybromides
      Tellurium Tetra-iodide
      Tellurium Monoxide
      Tellurium Dioxide
      Tellurium Trioxide
      Telluric Acids
      Tellurium Disulphide
      Tellurium-Sulphur Sesquioxide
      Tellurium Sulphates
      Telluropentathionic Acid
      Tellurium Nitride
      Tellurium Nitrite
      Basic Tellurium Nitrate
      Carbon Sulphidotelluride
      Tellurium Dicyanide
    PDB 1el7-4fon

Tellurium Hexafluoride, TeF6

Tellurium Hexafluoride, TeF6, appears to be more stable than tellurium tetrafluoride. It has been obtained by the action of fluorine on tellurium at -78° C. The resulting colourless crystalline solid vaporises on allowing the temperature to rise. The solidified substance melts at -36° C. and boils at -35.5° C., the critical temperature being 83° C. The vapour density is 119.5, agreeing with the formula TeF6. The gas has an unpleasant odour, recalling ozone and tellurium hydride. Water only slowly decomposes the gas, which does not attack glass.

TeF6 + 4H2O = H2TeO4 + 6HF.

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