Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
    Atomic Weight
      Hydrogen Telluride
      Tellurium Tetrafluoride
      Tellurium Hexafluoride
      Tellurium Oxyfluorides
      Tellurium Dichloride
      Tellurium Tetrachloride
      Tellurium Perchlorate
      Tellurium Dibromide
      Tellurium Tetrabromide
      Tellurium Oxybromides
      Tellurium Tetra-iodide
      Tellurium Monoxide
      Tellurium Dioxide
      Tellurium Trioxide
      Telluric Acids
      Tellurium Disulphide
      Tellurium-Sulphur Sesquioxide
      Tellurium Sulphates
      Telluropentathionic Acid
      Tellurium Nitride
      Tellurium Nitrite
      Basic Tellurium Nitrate
      Carbon Sulphidotelluride
      Tellurium Dicyanide
    PDB 1el7-4fon

Tellurium Sulphates

By heating a mixture of powdered tellurium and concentrated sulphuric acid until a dry residue remained, Berzelius obtained a white, earthy mass, which after analysis he concluded to be a disulphate, TeO2.2SO3 or Te(SO4)2. The composition of the product, however, is somewhat uncertain; on heating it yields a more definite compound of composition 2TeO2.SO3, which can be regarded as a basic tellurium sulphate or as a pyrotelluryl sulphate. The latter compound is also obtained as rhombic crystals (a:b:c = 0.5265:1:0.7860) from a solution of tellurium dioxide in diluted sulphuric acid.

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